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Virendra accepts Purvi's punishment of serving her for a whole week for the atrocities she had to face. Watch the sneak peek of the upcoming episode.
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Purvi, a Molkki Dulhan finds herself in an arranged marriage to Virender, a widowed man twice her age and still in love with his dead wife. Soon, she discovers that she has been “sold” by her father and is merely a clause for the inheritance of his uncle’s land. Will she stand up and fight for her dignity? Will her marital deal blossom into a loving relationship?
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Babita Chawla
Babita Chawla महिन्यापूर्वी
Trending in MRpost on #42🤩
TECH RAJAN महिन्यापूर्वी
'''''any school and college students here '''''💝💝🥰
Pix Stitch
Pix Stitch महिन्यापूर्वी
Interesting 🤔
roCking BoY CREATION महिन्यापूर्वी
♥️❤️♥️♥️♥️All those who are watching this video I pray , That their parents will live a longer life 😊👍❤️❤️❤️❤️
roCking BoY CREATION महिन्यापूर्वी
♥️❤️♥️♥️♥️All those who are watching this video I pray , That their parents will live a longer life 😊👍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Somya Ojey
Somya Ojey महिन्यापूर्वी
Ankita Das
Ankita Das महिन्यापूर्वी
Now its my fav serial.its going Purvi Vurendra nd Genda khargos..they r love❤❤❤
BEAUTY QUEEN महिन्यापूर्वी
NC video
priyanka sharma
priyanka sharma महिन्यापूर्वी
Thumbnail: neha Kakkar
Sonu Qureshi
Sonu Qureshi महिन्यापूर्वी
I love this serial please aap Har episode MRpost per dikhaya kijiye
Марина Marina
Марина Marina महिन्यापूर्वी
The best show on ColorsTV.
Meeshu Miglani
Meeshu Miglani महिन्यापूर्वी
Nice video, keep it up Guys. Ek hor nava song aaya hai JATT FIRE by zaffar & Gurlez Akhtar, lyrics by vicky daliwal and mind blowing model Mahi Sharma. Do watch the video plz...🙏🙏😇
Baalveer returns
Baalveer returns महिन्यापूर्वी
Molkki kya hai
SHORT SERIES महिन्यापूर्वी❤️😎❤️
SUBHAM HORE महिन्यापूर्वी
Sah bahu ka drama 🤣🤣🤣
Seema Bharmbe
Seema Bharmbe महिन्यापूर्वी
पूर्वी के अधिकार उसे देकर पूर्वी को हवेली की बडी बहु वीर प्रताप की बी वि का दर्जा देखना पसंद करेंगे. अंजली और वैभव को सबक सिखाव
Abhinav Kumar
Abhinav Kumar महिन्यापूर्वी
Shivanshi Ahirwar
Shivanshi Ahirwar महिन्यापूर्वी
I like this show very much
Ewaraj Chandni
Ewaraj Chandni महिन्यापूर्वी
Tarique Saiffullah
Tarique Saiffullah महिन्यापूर्वी
Phynemmusic महिन्यापूर्वी
"Life is a short thing" "Curse is nothing" "Music and Game is everything" "Support is everything"
Meghu's World
Meghu's World महिन्यापूर्वी
Any college student here, who watch this show nd love purvi Mention here.......
Suraj Fact
Suraj Fact महिन्यापूर्वी
#Surajfact #Surajfact #Surajfact #Surajfact
Cooks n Books by Vani
Cooks n Books by Vani महिन्यापूर्वी
Марина Marina
Марина Marina महिन्यापूर्वी
The best show on Color TV.
Razia tarannum
Razia tarannum महिन्यापूर्वी
Kitne handsome ho yaar virendra and personality toh MASHallah
Razia tarannum
Razia tarannum महिन्यापूर्वी
I luv khadoos and baavri so lovely couple
Roja Mohamed
Roja Mohamed महिन्यापूर्वी
Purvir.. Today episode mein aag laga di hai..... 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Aarthi Vikram
Aarthi Vikram महिन्यापूर्वी
Aaj ka episode toh supper romantic that😍😍😍
kavya Behl
kavya Behl महिन्यापूर्वी
Please follow me on instagram
Cheshta sharma
Cheshta sharma महिन्यापूर्वी
Disgusting , this show is literally promoting rape...marriage with the rapist . Shame on you "molkki" team
Jia Khan
Jia Khan महिन्यापूर्वी
My favourite drama Molki ❤️❤️❤️ virendra 💋💋💋💋💋💋
Poox Yas
Poox Yas महिन्यापूर्वी
My hottie Amarupadhyay looking so cute his expressions wow 😍 so cute as usual ❤️😘
Pritam Tripalia
Pritam Tripalia 22 दिवसांपूर्वी
Tahoor Khan
Tahoor Khan महिन्यापूर्वी
Hr ghr m ek villen hota h anjili jaisa
sukanta pradhansukan
sukanta pradhansukan महिन्यापूर्वी
Nice show
Sameer Ahmed
Sameer Ahmed महिन्यापूर्वी
Manas so cute 😍😊😚😍
shikha Panwar
shikha Panwar महिन्यापूर्वी
Ohhhhh god .... How attractive, killing expressions he is giving 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Babra Susan
Babra Susan महिन्यापूर्वी
Colours tv please update subtitles so we can keep viewing and understand not forgetting enjoying
Kartik Gohil
Kartik Gohil महिन्यापूर्वी
Pls upload vd of molki everyday
priyanka shows
priyanka shows महिन्यापूर्वी
nice episode
Jyoti Bhardwaj
Jyoti Bhardwaj महिन्यापूर्वी
Kafi surder h lead ldki
Bindass Girl
Bindass Girl महिन्यापूर्वी
Yeh anjali kbhi nhi sudharega chahe use sabke samne chappal se q naa mar do....😝😂🤭
Jagadeesh Sharma
Jagadeesh Sharma महिन्यापूर्वी
Super serial die heart fan
Sarah Arshad
Sarah Arshad महिन्यापूर्वी
Mukhi ko ghulam banta dekhne ke liye to excited hain hi par Gainda Khargosh aur Babbar Sher ka teamwork dekhne mein bhi boht maza aayega
BANGTAN BOYS महिन्यापूर्वी
My fav show
shobha saini
shobha saini महिन्यापूर्वी
The way of wasted time😏😏
sᴀᴋɪʙᴜʟ ɪsʟᴀᴍ sɪᴀᴍ
sᴀᴋɪʙᴜʟ ɪsʟᴀᴍ sɪᴀᴍ महिन्यापूर्वी
I really wait for this full epi
ims2002 dharm
ims2002 dharm महिन्यापूर्वी
#ColorsTV please add subtitles. because we are not indians, we can't understand hindi. this show is really nice. That's why we are watch. So please add the subtitles
Middle Class
Middle Class महिन्यापूर्वी
Yar koye mere han b chkr lagao waha lock down to nhi
Salma Akter
Salma Akter महिन्यापूर्वी
Purvi still didn’t take anjali's name! Why!? She is such an evil. She should be punished.
Babar Zunaira
Babar Zunaira महिन्यापूर्वी
Because Purvi don't have any proof that Angeli has done or she is doing such these things
Mittal Desai
Mittal Desai महिन्यापूर्वी
Purvi acting is promo Mai achhi nai lagi
sushma basnet
sushma basnet महिन्यापूर्वी
Ye chudel anjali ka kanda kiu nahi bahar dikhaya🤔jaldi ye anjali ka sach bahar nikalo..
Steffy Ramkissoon
Steffy Ramkissoon महिन्यापूर्वी
Why they not updating it
Suruchi Maurya
Suruchi Maurya महिन्यापूर्वी
My favourite ❤️
Suruchi Maurya
Suruchi Maurya महिन्यापूर्वी
My favourite ❤️
Sakshi saini
Sakshi saini महिन्यापूर्वी
It's my favorite serial
Riya Haldar
Riya Haldar महिन्यापूर्वी
Nice promo
Sushi jk.
Sushi jk. महिन्यापूर्वी
I am very excited 😆
Haseena Khan
Haseena Khan महिन्यापूर्वी
Waooo the next episode is very interesting the serial become more good and interesting now virender will follow the commands for 7 days of purvi it will be soo much fun this serial is really really awesome my favourite serial🤗🤗🤗🤗😏😏😏😏😏
Na Lam
Na Lam महिन्यापूर्वी
Rubul Choudhury
Rubul Choudhury महिन्यापूर्वी
Love Is The Symbol Of Everything, That Wipes Away All Sense Of Time.. Removing All Memory Of Beginning And Tears Of An End..!
Jinalba Jadeja
Jinalba Jadeja महिन्यापूर्वी
Lucy Chacko
Lucy Chacko महिन्यापूर्वी
Hate anjaliii
fahim hasan
fahim hasan महिन्यापूर्वी
nice video
Pooja Chaudhary
Pooja Chaudhary महिन्यापूर्वी
Nice 💓❤️
Sahista Rahat
Sahista Rahat महिन्यापूर्वी
Anjali ko out karomolki se
Afsha Begum
Afsha Begum महिन्यापूर्वी
aapki serials updates
aapki serials updates महिन्यापूर्वी
Now they are gonna know that Priyanshi was pregnant and have aborted a child before, i am sure about it that they will try to Stop the marriage..
aapki serials updates
aapki serials updates 23 दिवसांपूर्वी
@DARSHIKA SHARMA dekha maine jo kaha tha wahi hua😅😅
Shreeya महिन्यापूर्वी
@DARSHIKA SHARMA nhi re wo nhi tha... Wo uska bf tha jo usey chhod ke chala gaya tha... Uske saath pregnant thi wo. Prostitution aur vaibhav ki gaadi se takraana toh baad mein hua tha.
DARSHIKA SHARMA महिन्यापूर्वी
No wo episode yad h jb priyu vaibhav s first time mili thi..... I think use bhi molki bna diya gya tha ur wo wha se prostitution m phuch gyi.. Whi se bhchkr wo vaibhav ki car se tkra gyi
Monalika Doda
Monalika Doda महिन्यापूर्वी
yeah I thought the same
Areeba amir
Areeba amir महिन्यापूर्वी
Nice promo
Care Free me
Care Free me महिन्यापूर्वी
Voot select pe episode Dal BHI do yar 🤦🤦 pinjra, barrister babu, Shakti ,salt ishq Ka episode ,TV pe Pura dikhaya BHI Nahi Jata usse PEHLE hi next episode voot pe daldete Hain. AUR Molkki KO humesa ignore krte Hain ye log.😑😠😠😠😠😠 This whole viacom production company is such a scam company. 24hrs before Bolte Hain lekin dete Nahi episode time pe... Hotstar network SE sikhna Chahiye. Show Saturday tak ata hai. AUR humesa subah sabhi episode daldete hai hotstar par. Professionalism nam ki koi chiz hi Nahi hai Viacom ke pass😠😠😠
Care Free me
Care Free me महिन्यापूर्वी
@Kalpana Barkane episode is uploaded 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 waaaaaah mukhi is full on romantic 👏👏 and purvi is not ready to forgive she is going good....
Kalpana Barkane
Kalpana Barkane महिन्यापूर्वी
@Care Free meoh...Star plus like anupama ....And ya they replied but sais it will take some time ...lets see how much ...
Care Free me
Care Free me महिन्यापूर्वी
@Kalpana Barkane 😂😂 even I have sent mail. And even private message them on twitter 😂😂 but they never learn....😂😂 I wish Molkki was aired on star plus 😌😌😌 maje maje hone the humare .. Saturday tak show dekhti AUR Woh BHI Subah subah wah... Kitna Maja ata🤩
Kalpana Barkane
Kalpana Barkane महिन्यापूर्वी
Right ...Angry with same level ..I have sent mails multiple times
Asif Mansuri
Asif Mansuri महिन्यापूर्वी
miss gaming 2m
miss gaming 2m महिन्यापूर्वी
""" Any college and school students "" here 💛💜💖💟💞💞💙💙💙
Antika Mukherjee
Antika Mukherjee महिन्यापूर्वी
Awwwwww #Purvir 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Numa Limbu
Numa Limbu महिन्यापूर्वी
Pirvi is looking so beautiful 😍
Kritika Gujar
Kritika Gujar महिन्यापूर्वी
Yes favourite jodi pirvi priyashi and vibhav
Care Free me
Care Free me महिन्यापूर्वी
Good that purvi has given this punishment, earlier when jewellery thing happened that was an cake wake for him. Easily she forgave him. But not this time😒. I think the main reason behind purvi's disappointment is that she really got invested to mukhi and want him to understand her unsaid words. Which he failed to do.
Parkash Rao
Parkash Rao महिन्यापूर्वी
Fact वाली
Fact वाली महिन्यापूर्वी
Ajjj 𝙄𝙨 𝙏𝙞𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙚 𝙠𝙤 𝙆𝙞𝙩𝙣𝙚 𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙢𝙞𝙡𝙚𝙣𝙜𝙚 👇👇 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Asmaul Hosna
Asmaul Hosna महिन्यापूर्वी
Did they really leave Vaibhav just like that? He literally raped a girl! He needs to be in jail and get a strong punishment.
Shivani Sharma
Shivani Sharma महिन्यापूर्वी
ǫᴜᴇᴇɴシ महिन्यापूर्वी
@Asmaul Hosna continue watching, maybe vaibhav gets something more painful than jail....
Asmaul Hosna
Asmaul Hosna महिन्यापूर्वी
This is really not done. He should be in jail. Rape cases in India are already soaring and in this time, they are showing marriage with the rapist. This is so disgusting.
Barshana Shrestha
Barshana Shrestha महिन्यापूर्वी
@Mary Salomi i hope he gets married with priyashi cuz i have a feeling that she will take her revenge
Mary Salomi
Mary Salomi महिन्यापूर्वी
Don't know wt vll happen bt i hope let him get marry vth priyushi bt in between Anjali making something there
Nabila 2007
Nabila 2007 महिन्यापूर्वी
kab dia ?
Mohd Shafi
Mohd Shafi महिन्यापूर्वी
Virpur hott n cool couple
Preety Mahananda
Preety Mahananda महिन्यापूर्वी
Iss Anjali ka key Karen😡😡
Sunshine Sumi Sumi
Sunshine Sumi Sumi महिन्यापूर्वी
She is jealous because of purvi and now she cannot get her sister jothi get married to vaibav ,she is main villi of the serial just like all serial women against women
Radha Tripathi
Radha Tripathi महिन्यापूर्वी
Anjali ki pitai kare Jaise virendra ne Vaibhav k Kiya tha
Kritika Gujar
Kritika Gujar महिन्यापूर्वी
A*k C
A*k C महिन्यापूर्वी
Superb show
sarkal gaming sarjeet
sarkal gaming sarjeet महिन्यापूर्वी
full fun!!!
full fun!!! महिन्यापूर्वी
ASMR INDIA EATS महिन्यापूर्वी
1st comment #asmrindiaeats
Nguyenngoc Thienphu
Nguyenngoc Thienphu महिन्यापूर्वी
Esha Bibi
Esha Bibi महिन्यापूर्वी
u should give 2 ep yesterday and today fair
Suez Abdirahman
Suez Abdirahman महिन्यापूर्वी
Always crying
Damodar Poudel
Damodar Poudel महिन्यापूर्वी
Nice promo
sneha kumari
sneha kumari महिन्यापूर्वी
@Olivia Angom p
sneha kumari
sneha kumari महिन्यापूर्वी
@Olivia Angom p
Olivia Angom
Olivia Angom महिन्यापूर्वी
Pliz upload full episode
Alpita Singh
Alpita Singh महिन्यापूर्वी
Voot select par bhi upload kardo episode
Kalpana Barkane
Kalpana Barkane महिन्यापूर्वी
Ha yarr..Plz upload on voot select on time ...
Fatima Islam
Fatima Islam महिन्यापूर्वी
Plssssss update next episode today plssssss I want to see plssssss update plssssss
komal rai
komal rai महिन्यापूर्वी
Bacho our virendra ki duriya jarur kam ho gyi hai i hope inke beech achi bonding aage dikhaye our achi tarike se
Asmit Yadav
Asmit Yadav महिन्यापूर्वी
#molkki #purvir ❤️
Anisha Anisha
Anisha Anisha महिन्यापूर्वी
Priyu and vaibhavi ki shaadi hona chahiye Anjali is too overr
Kritika Gujar
Kritika Gujar महिन्यापूर्वी
One of my favourite jodi after virpuri
kab online
kab online महिन्यापूर्वी
Super show
komal rai
komal rai महिन्यापूर्वी
Anjali thappad marna chahiye our ghr se nikal dena chahiye
Kalpesh Singh
Kalpesh Singh महिन्यापूर्वी
ꜱʜɪɴᴄʜᴀɴ 212
ꜱʜɪɴᴄʜᴀɴ 212 महिन्यापूर्वी
V.P music mixing Com
V.P music mixing Com महिन्यापूर्वी
*अब बर्डफ्लू की कॉलर ट्यून आयेगी...* * _ध्यान रहे हमें बर्डफ्लू से लड़ना है मुर्गों से नही_* *जब तक दवाई नहीं तब तक चूल्हे पर कढाई नही,,,,,😁😁😁,,,।।*
Md. Shahin
Md. Shahin महिन्यापूर्वी
roli mishra4
roli mishra4 महिन्यापूर्वी
Rekha Pal
Rekha Pal महिन्यापूर्वी
what's app status
what's app status महिन्यापूर्वी
Kadhai me chicken nahi😅😅😅
Sachin Kumar
Sachin Kumar महिन्यापूर्वी
Nice promo
reeta panday
reeta panday महिन्यापूर्वी
Ab anjali ki bari hey purbi key charan mey girney ka.
Preety Mahananda
Preety Mahananda महिन्यापूर्वी
Hmm kas yesa hota maza aajata Sach me
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