Brian Greene and Sir Roger Penrose: World Science U Q+A Session
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Winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics, Sir Roger Penrose joins Brian Greene to share insights into black holes, general ...
Roger Penrose: Physics of Consciousness and the Infinite Universe | Lex Fridman Podcast #85
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Roger Penrose is physicist, mathematician, and philosopher at University of Oxford. He has made fundamental contributions in ...
How The Penrose Singularity Theorem Predicts The End of Space Time
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The Nobel prize in physics this year went to black holes. Generally speaking. Specifically, it was shared by the astronomers who ...
Roger Penrose - Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?
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Free access to Closer to Truth's library of 5000 videos: Mathematics describes the real world of atoms and ...
Roger Penrose - Why Did Our Universe Begin?
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That the universe began seems astonishing. What brought it about? What forces were involved? How did the laws of nature ...
Roger Penrose - Did the Universe Begin?
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Congratulations to Sir Roger Penrose for winning the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics. Some scientists claim that the universe did not ...
Sir Roger Penrose: What We All Need to Know About Physics
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Roger Penrose, Theoretical Physicist; Author, Fashion, Faith, and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe In conversation with ...
Roger Penrose on "The Portal" (w Eric Weinstein), Ep. #020 - Plotting the Twist of Einstein's Legacy
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Sir Roger Penrose is arguably the most important living descendant of Albert Einstein's school of geometric physics. In this ...
Sir Roger Penrose: Are Singularities Real?
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SirRogerPenrose #BlackHoles #NobelPrize Join me for a very special discussion with Sir Roger Penrose, co-winner of the 2020 ...
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January 10, 2020 Roth Auditorium - Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine La Jolla, CA An intimate lecture with ...
Sir Roger Penrose - The quantum nature of consciousness
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Sir Roger Penrose. Quantum Consciousness Theorist - Co-creator of the Orch OR model of the quantum nature of ...
Consciousness is Not a Computation (Roger Penrose) | AI Podcast Clips
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Full episode with Roger Penrose (Mar 2020): Clips channel (Lex Clips): ...
Fashion, Faith and Fantasy in Physics - with Roger Penrose
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With a focus on string theory, quantum mechanics, and cosmology, Sir Roger Penrose looks at how physicists are just as ...
Q&A with 2020 Nobel laureate Roger Penrose
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On October 6, Sir Roger Penrose (University of Oxford) won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics. During his most recent visit to ...
Roger Penrose - Are there Extra Dimensions?
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Free access to Closer to Truth's library of 5000 videos: Extra dimensions-beyond length, width, ...
Roger Penrose | The Next Universe and Before the Big Bang | Nobel Prize in Physics winner
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What came before the Big Bang? What happens when our universe ends? Eminent theoretical physicist, Hawking collaborator ...
Roger Penrose - Forbidden crystal symmetry in mathematics and architecture
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Sir Roger Penrose provides a unique insight into the "forbidden symmetry" of his famous penrose tiles and the use of ...
5 and Penrose Tiling - Numberphile
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Why five-sided figures pose a problem from Professor John Hunton - and a bit about the importance of Penrose Tiling. More links ...
Sir Roger Penrose - 'Einstein's Amazing Theory of Gravity: Black Holes and Novel Ideas in Cosmology'
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Sir Roger Penrose giving his talk 'Einstein's Amazing Theory of Gravity: Black Holes and Novel Ideas in Cosmology' at 'What's ...
Roger Penrose | Gravity, Hawking Points and Twistor Theory
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From the problem of the second law of thermodynamics to the new radical twistor theory, we talk to Roger Penrose about his ...
Sir Roger Penrose & William Lane Craig • The Universe: How did it get here & why are we part of it?
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For more debates, updates and an exclusive video of Sir Roger Penrose talking about his work with Stephen Hawking on Big ...
2020 Nobel Prize Winner Sir Roger Penrose in Conversation with Janna Levin
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Thrilled with the news that Sir Roger Penrose was awarded the Nobel Prize this morning. He shares half the prize with observers ...
Roger Penrose: "I had this strange feeling of elation"
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In this phone interview with Adam Smith, recorded just after the announcement of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics, Roger Penrose ...
The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats
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Simples rules of geometry meant that 5-fold symmetry was impossible as were crystals without a periodic structure. This turns out ...
How To Draw A Penrose Triangle - Optical Illusion
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Learn how to draw a crazy Penrose triangle! This is a fun optical illusion to draw. You can even memorize the steps and draw it ...
Roger Penrose: Infinite Cycles of the Universe Punctuated by Big Bang Singularities
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Full episode with Roger Penrose (Mar 2020): Clips channel (Lex Clips): ...
Konforemna Cykliczna Kosmologia Rogera Penrose'a, czyli co bylo przed Wielkim Wybuchem.
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Polskie napisy. Dzieki uprzejmosci Philla Halpera z kanalu skydivephil udostępniamy siódmy odcinek z serii jego filmow pod ...
Why Quantum is Not Quite Right | Roger Penrose | Nobel Prize Winnner 2020
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Mathematical Physicist Roger Penrose explains quantum mechanics and what is not quite right about current understandings of ...
What is Twistor Theory? | Roger Penrose
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Roger Penrose explains twistor theory, the latest exciting development in cosmology. For more watch the full interview here: ...
2020 Nobel Lectures in Physics
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Tune in to watch the 2020 Nobel Lectures in Physics: Black Holes, Cosmology, and Space-Time Singularities Roger Penrose, ...
How Can the Universe Not Have a Beginning? | Roger Penrose
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What came before the Big Bang? What happens when our universe ends? Eminent theoretical physicist and Hawking collaborator ...
Roger Penrose - Quantum Physics of Consciousness
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Congratulations to Sir Roger Penrose for winning the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics. Are quantum events required for ...
Joe Rogan | Sir Roger Penrose's Thoughts on the Multiverse
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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1216:
Sir Roger Penrose - How can Consciousness Arise Within the Laws of Physics?
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Sir Roger Penrose is an English mathematical physicist, mathematician and philosopher of science. July 25th, 2017.
Episode 28: Roger Penrose on Spacetime, Consciousness, and the Universe
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Blog post with show notes and transcript: ...
Why Did The Mathematician Cross The Road? - with Roger Penrose
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Sir Roger Penrose is one of the biggest names in mathematics AND physics. Here he talks about sibling rivalry, Stephen Hawking ...
Roger Penrose (Nobel in Physics) on What is Time? - Black Holes, Entropy, Conformal Cyclic Cosmology
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Sir Roger Penrose, the 2020 Nobel Laureate in Physics, in a discussion on the concept of time in general relativity and ...
Nobel Laureate - Sir Roger Penrose OM, FRS - Plenary 11 TSC2020
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Revised Header - Congratulating Roger Penrose - Nobel Laureate TSC2020 - Plenary 11 - Quantum Consciousness.
Sir Roger Penrose debates the sort of God he can believe in with William Lane Craig
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Sir Roger Penrose debates whether there could be a God that explains the mathematical, mental and physical realms with William ...
Aperiodic Geometry, Roger Penrose, Oxford University
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If I were to prove the fact that Penrose tiles (with matching rules!) only allow for non-periodic tilings, I'd start with substitution rules, ...