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Shri dutt Dubey
Shri dutt Dubey 21 तासापूर्वी
Smile bhi cheez h yr 💔... I felt for abhilash (IAS).... Success is success But kya kaam ki jab apno ki hee cheen le 💔
kirti kumari
kirti kumari 21 तासापूर्वी
Sandip bhaiya is the best actor among all..
Shaukat Ali Khan
Shaukat Ali Khan 21 तासापूर्वी
Prabhanshu Mishra
Prabhanshu Mishra 21 तासापूर्वी
Kota factory = jeetu bhaiya Aspirents = sandeep bhaiya Operation Mbbs = kc bhai
Sambit Satpathy
Sambit Satpathy 21 तासापूर्वी
I have watched this video since 9 years and this is the first time I remember hearing first lines"aaj jharkhand mein auditions chalu ho chuke hain."😂😂😂 No offense to any state, it just shows how many impressionable teenagers watched this show irrespective of geography.🙏
Sumit goswami
Sumit goswami 21 तासापूर्वी
Jab wo apna eyeglass nikalata h Jo usne diya tha wo wala. Scene 😓😓
Aman Upadhyay
Aman Upadhyay 21 तासापूर्वी
bharat Jindal
bharat Jindal 21 तासापूर्वी
Masterpiece ❤️😊 a person can feel the emotions great work done by entire team .
Priya Pal
Priya Pal 21 तासापूर्वी
every hostelar life same
Pratiyogi Shiksha
Pratiyogi Shiksha 21 तासापूर्वी
Sandeep bhaiya 😍😘👌
AMRIT RAJ 21 तासापूर्वी
A nice balanced series covering all aspects of life...
Broad GK
Broad GK 21 तासापूर्वी
There are two person who don't have umbrella because they not have plan B. Salute to the director
Vikash Singh
Vikash Singh 21 तासापूर्वी
This series has taught us Upsc is not just an exam but a complete package of lessons about life.
Nibedita Mallick
Nibedita Mallick 21 तासापूर्वी
Dimple Paliwal
Dimple Paliwal 21 तासापूर्वी
Mera b blv h me teacher bnke rhungi teacher k alawa kuch b nhi 👍
Kartikeya Jaiswal
Kartikeya Jaiswal 21 तासापूर्वी
Giri is looking like the men with torch light in head after got hit by Abhilash😂😂
Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh 21 तासापूर्वी
In whole series Sandeep Bhaiya is a real fighter..❤️👍👍
Rajat Jindal
Rajat Jindal 21 तासापूर्वी
Watching this video today. Jeetu said ki bimari itni na feel jaye ki bed na mile. Saala tumko future kaise pata chala. I'm stunned. Ye is beyond science.
Masti express
Masti express 21 तासापूर्वी
Friends are our life too❤️❤️ 😭😭
neet 2021
neet 2021 21 तासापूर्वी
Hume baad m abhilash ka kya hua woh janna hai🙏
Rupjyoti Hazong
Rupjyoti Hazong 21 तासापूर्वी
Dhariya and Kusum I respect that girl
Shwet Kumar Mishra
Shwet Kumar Mishra 21 तासापूर्वी
Shwet Kumar Mishra
Shwet Kumar Mishra 21 तासापूर्वी
Hum upar nahi hai niccha hai room me ka tala gate per laga hua hai usme bus handle laga hua hai
Shwet Kumar Mishra
Shwet Kumar Mishra 21 तासापूर्वी
Yaar hum poocha to boli nahi jana hai aaj or pata na kitna der se upar thi hum to gaye ekback pani dekhane to dukhi
Shwet Kumar Mishra
Shwet Kumar Mishra 21 तासापूर्वी
Msg karna jab koi na ho to hum upar aa jayange
Harry Dhaliwal
Harry Dhaliwal 21 तासापूर्वी
बहन के ल..... Good job 👌🏼👍🏻🙂🤣🤣😁😁
HARROOP CHHABDA 21 तासापूर्वी
Maza aa gaya
Piyush Sumera
Piyush Sumera 21 तासापूर्वी
Is that Sardarji Chemistry teacher?
Jayanth Pk
Jayanth Pk 21 तासापूर्वी
that hug
Saksham Srivastava
Saksham Srivastava 21 तासापूर्वी
Ajay Mehra Vlog
Ajay Mehra Vlog 21 तासापूर्वी
Sawan sharma
Sawan sharma 21 तासापूर्वी
last me badri tha but voice nahi change hui 👌🏻 wow
Chandra Mohan Singh Rawat
Chandra Mohan Singh Rawat 21 तासापूर्वी
Dhoni ❤️ always save ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️mahi forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
_UPSC Aspirant Julie
_UPSC Aspirant Julie 21 तासापूर्वी
Tvf -kota factory -aspirants -waiting fr neet
Amit Lal
Amit Lal 21 तासापूर्वी
This is last part....?
VJ 21 तासापूर्वी
Very Talented actor Surypal Ji ...............
Ritesh Yadav
Ritesh Yadav 21 तासापूर्वी
Love you all❤️❤️
Ritesh Yadav
Ritesh Yadav 21 तासापूर्वी
Lalchand Mewara
Lalchand Mewara 21 तासापूर्वी
Sandeep bhaiya.....😢👍
Kamal Pandey
Kamal Pandey 21 तासापूर्वी
Yaar apne doston ko koi aisa zaleel krta h ky? Like abhilash get rude to guri😞 itna achcha dost pane k baad .
himanshu kumar
himanshu kumar 21 तासापूर्वी
Background music.. ❤️
Manish Wagh
Manish Wagh 21 तासापूर्वी
reminds me my office life. enough work from home now. hope will join office soon
Ashish Munde
Ashish Munde 21 तासापूर्वी
After aspirants I'm here
Rithick r Kumar
Rithick r Kumar 21 तासापूर्वी
Tvf a gem.... script,plot, music , everything that a webseries and movie needed
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh 21 तासापूर्वी
Life ke ander balance ⚖️ bnaye rakhna bhut jruri hai .. Then I understand the real meaning of life ..
Shivanshu Singh
Shivanshu Singh 21 तासापूर्वी
Mein aata hoon 27 seconds mein 😂😂
Karabi Konwar
Karabi Konwar 21 तासापूर्वी
after Aspirants ❤️
S Naskar
S Naskar 21 तासापूर्वी
story ......... just <3
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh 21 तासापूर्वी
Tvf best series ever ❤️❤️❤️
comando sc
comando sc 21 तासापूर्वी
These episode makes me 😭😭😭
Nitin Shukla
Nitin Shukla 21 तासापूर्वी
Mujhe ye samjh me nahi aa rha ki Abhilash He Ranvijay hai lol....
astha gupta
astha gupta 21 तासापूर्वी
Sach me unacdemy best h
Harsh Patidar
Harsh Patidar 21 तासापूर्वी
HarsᏂᎥta साहू Smart India__
HarsᏂᎥta साहू Smart India__ 21 तासापूर्वी
Riya Singh
Riya Singh 21 तासापूर्वी
Guri 💯✌️
Muskan Das
Muskan Das 21 तासापूर्वी
Whole video represents me 😆😅🤣😴😴
Harnoor Singh
Harnoor Singh 21 तासापूर्वी
Bhai ki hai girlfriend 🤣😂🤣😂
Deepa Tungariya
Deepa Tungariya 21 तासापूर्वी
Best series ❤❤😇
Deblina Pati
Deblina Pati 21 तासापूर्वी
Abhilash still keeping the spectacle box ,gifted by dhairya, doesn't necessarily mean he is still in love with her . She was a ray of hope during the dark ,gloomy days of his life ! He might have kept it as a memento of the positive approach she hailed on his life or a memoir of their struggle days ! That doesn't necessitate him loving her in person till date .
NANDA 21 तासापूर्वी
Manoj Boruah
Manoj Boruah 21 तासापूर्वी
Aspirants .....
vaja akash
vaja akash 21 तासापूर्वी
Guri you are awesome man respect bro what a performance 👌👌👍👍🙏🙏🙏
Master Gabbar
Master Gabbar 21 तासापूर्वी
संदीप भैया इसीलिए है क्योंकि वो हम सब को समझना चाहते है। 😞upsc anspirat
Shubham Gupta
Shubham Gupta 21 तासापूर्वी
On recent times....biggest problem of UPSC ASPIRANT-Mobile phones,netflix,amazon prime,etc,games
पीटर पारकर
पीटर पारकर 21 तासापूर्वी
God Level🔥
cute learn
cute learn 21 तासापूर्वी
Who comes watching after Aspirants...
Rajan Sharma
Rajan Sharma 21 तासापूर्वी
Nazish Khan
Nazish Khan 21 तासापूर्वी
best series keep it up❤
Varun Chauhan
Varun Chauhan 21 तासापूर्वी
UPSC is not just exam it's emotion of every aspirants n thnks all characters to 🔥give me positive vibe
Singh Saab
Singh Saab 21 तासापूर्वी
Tvf you are doing great this is one of my series and last song was so amazing ❤
BHARAT SAGAR 21 तासापूर्वी
Aarthik sthiti thik nhi h or sicgreat pe sicgreat piye ja rha h
Moumita 21 तासापूर्वी
MRpost recommending me this video after 8 years :p
Prasun Priyadarshi
Prasun Priyadarshi 21 तासापूर्वी
I feel my display got black and white😂😂😂😂😂😂
Param world Gyan
Param world Gyan 21 तासापूर्वी
This music is gjb
Optimus Trader
Optimus Trader 21 तासापूर्वी
Thanks to TVF for breaking the myth that Sarkari Job se ladki mil jaati hai 😎
Abhimanyu singh
Abhimanyu singh 21 तासापूर्वी
One of this best series ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ lots and lots of love
MITON DAS 21 तासापूर्वी
Best series ever
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 21 तासापूर्वी
Sandeep bhaiya is say heart touching words
Satej Patil
Satej Patil 21 तासापूर्वी
to be real life guys like abhilash cant survive in friend's should admit he was selfish for around 10 yrs of his life 🙂🙂................guri is the real man🔥🔥🔥................
Hamara status Monu 2M
Hamara status Monu 2M 21 तासापूर्वी
Sandeep bhaiya is a Real hero ❤️❤️
ABHISHEK VERMA 21 तासापूर्वी
💯% right sir
Abhi 21 तासापूर्वी
Yes bilkul 💯
Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta 21 तासापूर्वी
Yr ye series dekh k pta nhi me demotivate ho raha hu ki motivate tension ho raha hai ab mujhe bhot ☹️
CHUlBUL Yadav 21 तासापूर्वी
Very good 🔥❤️
lind l tailor
lind l tailor 21 तासापूर्वी
Sandeep Bhaiya's speech is the story of every person who is overly obsessed with clearing some entrance exams be it UPSC, JEE, CAT🙃